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Catch and Release Tumble & Cheer Club Welcomes You




We want all kids young and old to have a place where they can be happy, safe from judgement and at peace.  A place where they can explore an create an active lifestyle. We truly believe that each one of us has something special to offer.  Some might be able to jump, some might be able to tumble, some might be able to dance, some might bring happiness with a smile, and some might bring the lesson of compassion. No matter what special skills we hold everyone of us can contribute to a team.  We would love our club to be that place where kids can explore new things, learn cool tricks, but above all learn to love who they are, to not fit into a mold. To be themselves!


Catch and Release Tumble & Cheer Club


We offer all  skill levels of tumbling from Parent Tot classes, Pre-school, Boys class, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and Private Lessons. Recreational Cheer and Performance Cheer Teams.  Something fun for everyone from 10 months up to 16 years old.

Gymnastics Fun

We have balance beams, parallel bars, uneven bars, mats of all shapes and sizes and a fun air floor!  Our classes are 6 to 1 teacher ratio.  We keep the sizes small to offer the best we can and almost no waiting in lines

We offer parent-tot classes, preschool classes, beginner -intermediate-advance gymnastic classes, Boys only classes, private lessons and tumble only classes.

Cheerleading Fun

We offer Recreational cheer class where you will learn the basics of cheer, jumps, some tumbling, chants, dance and low level stunting.   Learn some awesome cheer dance routines. 

We have a Performance Cheer team where you will learn level 1 and level 2 tumbling and stunting skills. We will work on tumbling, stunts, jumps and dance to create fun and lively routines to go perform in our surrounding areas.  The hope is to build our team to go compete at cheerleading events around the state. 


All Recreational Gymnastics and Cheerleading classes are $45.00 a month (45 min.classes)

Performance Cheer Team is $65.00 a month (1 hours once a week with a 60 min. Tumble lesson once a month)

Private Lessons are $30.00 a time (30 minutes each time)

Our Club runs year round so you can start and stop as you wish each month.

We offer a Military discount and a family discount.



When you are a member you get:

Random Kids Nite Out: Hey kids do you need a fun night out? Come hang out at the club and have a ton of fun. Nights will be announced. 6 pm to 8:30 pm for only $10 a night.



Come celebrate your birthday at The Club! All you need to do is bring the birthday cake, invite your children to attend and come ready for a stress free party.   Help your child pick a party theme. ( Ninja, Gymnastics, Cheer leading or Carnival)

The cost is $125.00 for one hour of activity and 30 minutes of treats and unwrapping time.  We provide the set up, clean up, invitations, decorations,  and entertainment.  You can invite up to 10 children including the birthday child. 

Give us a call to reserve your Saturday birthday party. 218-409-1649


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